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Tom Johnston

Tom Johnston is a reliable and highly experienced Indianapolis attorney who is pleased to serve clients both large and small. If you are seeking legal counsel in the areas of real estate and business law, Tom will provide an utmost level of professionalism. When you are facing legal issues, you do not want to leave your destiny in the hands of someone inexperienced. Instead, you should trust Tom, an attorney who has been licensed for over 42 years. He serves clients throughout the State of Indiana with a concentration on Central Indiana.

Education and Experience

After graduating summa cum laude (second in class) from the Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis in 1974, Tom practiced in a large Indianapolis law firm-as a partner fifteen (15) yearsTom’s number of years practicing law isn’t the only impressive factor of his experience level. His repertoire also includes many years practicing as partner at a large Indianapolis firm from the time he graduated Summa Cum Laude at Indiana University until 1994.  With that experience, he developed a strong reputation for expertise, honesty and professionalism in the Indianapolis and surrounding law community. He then left the firm and pursued entrepreneurial endeavors of his own until 1997. Being an entrepreneur himself, he has a passion for pursuing business law cases centered on individual, corporate, borrower, and lender representation. Tom has been practicing law on his own since 1997, proving himself to be a seasoned professional in his specialized fields.

Speaking Opportunities and Legal Articles

Earlier in Tom’s career, he was entrusted to speak at several continuing legal education and business law seminars for real estate and business lawyers.  In connection with these seminars, Tom prepared scholarly papers, some of which include The Check System and Bank’s Duties and Obligations, The Effect of Debtor’s Disposition of Collateral and Debtor’s Name or Structural Change on Continuation of Existence, and Perfection of a Security Interest and Investment Securities.  Tom was also active with recodification of the Indiana Uniform Commercial Code and certain tax statutes.  His contributions to the legal society have positioned him as an expert in his areas of expertise.

An Experienced, Efficient, and Fair Indianapolis Attorney

Representing clients of all sizes, Tom is committed to providing the best legal services possible to every single client.  He makes a point to structure a fee arrangement that is fair and manageable for clients of all budget realms, proving that he is an attorney you can trust with your legal situations. Give him a call today if you are seeking an attorney in Indianapolis.


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