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People in Central Indiana come to the law office of Tom Johnston to ensure that their business and real estate legal affairs are proper and in order, so they can concentrate on making those business operations successful. They have come to understand and appreciate business and real estate law expertise, his professionalism and his accessibility.

Indiana Business Law

Attorney Tom Johnston provides complete business law legal services to clients from across the state of Indiana, with concentration in Central Indiana. He is an AV rated professional, with in-depth experience handing legal matters that involve real estate and general business operations. He represents both small and big clients, working diligently on behalf of each client in all areas of law, from Entity Formation & Business Acquisitions to Real Estate and Business Contracts.

Business Law Legal Services

When you start up a business endeavor or want to expand your existing company, there are many areas of legal concern. Making mistakes on your own not only may be costly, but errors can even cause business failure.

  • Entity Formation – There are several options to consider when you are starting up a new business or trying to expand an existing one. From start-up phase to growth, expansion and possibly global business dealings, it is essential to have the entity formation that will truly serve the purposes and goals that you have in mind. Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Incorporation, Mergers, Acquisitions and other entities have different uses, benefits and applications in the business world. It is essential to make the right moves at the right time, and with full legal security that your company is protected.
  • Business Acquisitions – During the course of the life of any business, there may be opportunity to expand through business acquisitions. Attorney Tom Johnston can guide you through the maze of issues that are involved in making expansion efforts legal and profitable.
  • Real Estate and Business Contracts – Business Law Attorney Tom Johnston provides representation to many individual, corporate, borrower and lender clients. He understands and has extensive experience in the areas of Indiana business law that are common to all types of businesses, small to global. Real Estate deals and development of Business Contracts are critical elements for business success.

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Attorney Tom Johnston offers competent and honest advice, consul and representation to clients who are making important decisions about their business structure and transactions. To learn more, contact the law office of Tom Johnston, in Indianapolis, IN. Call him now, at 317-566-3542.

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